Somsen Family Reunion ~ Aalten, August, 1997

07-00 Family Reunion Logo 08-01 Theo Somsen shows us how the

Dutch eat herring at Volendam

08-03 Hosts Derk & Alie Somsen in their

garden at Doetinchem

09-01 Family Reunion at Erve Kots with

450 Somsen's in attendance

09-02 Jeanne Connell and Janet Somsen at

the reunion

09-03 Derk and John Somsen working hard

at the Somsen-market

10-01 St.Helenakerk in Aalten where Geert

and Mechtelt were married 27 May 1689

10-02 Planting the lime tree at Japikshuis

in IJzerlo (notice covered plaque)