Somsen Family Reunion ~ Aalten, August, 1997

08-91 Arrival in Holland -

land of our ancestors

12-91 Johan Somsen entertains us

after the swamp visit

08-92 Sightseeing in Volendam by the

Zuider Zee while we await the other arrivals

08-93 De Gelderse Achterhoek -

region of our ancestors

10-91 Sint Helenakerk -

Church of our forefathers

10-92 The memorial to the 7 Aalten soldiers who

gave their lives in WWII (incl. Frederik Somsen)

12-92 Jeanie Somsen-Jacobson following her rescue from the swamp. Her son, Noah,

threatens to throw her back in order to preserve her for the next 1000 years.